Crystal Light Energy Healings How I Work
The people who come to me may desire assistance for their personal health and well being. They may desire more assurance, understanding and guidance in their relations with others. They may have questions as to their unique purpose in life, or may feel the need for a higher state of consciousness.

I approach each client by identifying the issue, emotion, or belief that needs to be healed, or any universal needs that are not being met. My healing techniques stem from 30 years of working with my own issues, emotions, beliefs and needs as well as assisting others.

My work will usually involve a long-distance reading of the energy in your CHAKRAS, and HARA LINE. I then meditate on and receive a visual picture of your AURIC field. I receive auditory messages about useful herbs or supplements, the specific dis-ease or ailment, and its related emotions. I often receive the first steps to the solution as well.

The HARA LINE is the energy that connects you to the earth below your feet and extends through your body and out your head into the atmosphere. It is a different dimension than CHAKRAS or the AURA. A healing of the HARA LINE is done when you need to experience being grounded and centered. This energy is also important when you are making a transition in your life from an old paradigm to a new one. A  full HARA LINE healing is best done after the CHAKRAS and AURA have been balanced.

When you come to my office in person for a session, I use applied kinesiology to demonstrate my findings, and employ a guided "laying-on-of hands" to effect an energy healing. In long distance healings, I do the same research with your energy, and then explain it in a phone session after the "laying-on-of-hands" healing. I can accomplish this type of healing without actually having to touch you or be in the same room with you.

How many sessions will you need?
For new clients I recommend 2 sessions as close together as possible (in the same day or in the same week). A session is typically 1-2 hours. One session is for consultation and insights to the healing, and one is for the healing energy work. I recommend a third session 3 to 4 weeks later to check to see whether the CHAKRAS are still in balance and/or the suggested nutritional supplements have done their job. If I am working with your emotions or state of mind or old behaviors that are ready to be transformed.

How much will it cost?
$125 for the first 60 minutes. Additional session time will be at a rate of $2 a minute which will be calculated by my financial guides and relayed to me via my muscle testing skill. Children 6 and under are gifted healings with an exchange of your choice for consultation.

What if I want to go deeper into my personal work?
Shila will consult her intuitive guidance at your request. When there is an area that is ready for work, a session can be scheduled at intervals suggested by the guidance.

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"Well. I’ve written this note four times now! I have been attempting to express my gratitude for your help and understanding. I am so glad that we met! I will never be able to express in words how much I love and appreciate you. You are a warm and gentle person in a not so warm and gentle world, and I hope as time goes on? I can be more like you!"

– J.M.

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